Welcome to the Sweet Life!

September 10, 2020

Welcome to the sweet life! A delicious destination where love is made edible. My goal is to turn your kitchen into a sweet escape. A place where you can bake up sweet memories and mouthwatering desserts too! I am here to help you navigate your kitchen and difficult recipes with poise, patience and perseverance. If experience is the best teacher, consider me an expert. I’ve had my fair share of kitchen calamities and baking blues. Which led to mental meltdowns, and some temper tantrums too. Don’t judge me! I’m sure you guys can relate. But it’s okay. With a glass of wine, the proper equipment and yours truly,  we’ll kick our baking bucket list’s ass in no time. Just surrender to the sweet life… It’s a piece of cake!
Who am I you ask? I’m Keelie. A baking enthusiast, Fashionista and overall hostess with the mostest! On my blog, you will notice that I infuse two of my biggest passions: fashion and baking. Simply whipping up a sweet treat isn’t good enough. It has to be presented well too. Why? Because it’s all in the presentation, darling! Here, I’ll teach you how to perfectly package your sweet creations.You will be a hit at every party and known for your fabulous edible gifts. It’s time to shake and bake! Find your nearest kitchen, roll up your sleeves and lets whisk our worries away. 

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I love your site~


Hi auntie it’s me Hailey your niece

My aunties cookies are amazing, nobody competing with her no cap ?

Taste absolutely wonderful!

nice job titi

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