Sweet, Soulful Memories

February 26, 2022

I’m always asked, “What is it that I love most about my desserts?” I guess it would be the sweet, soulful memories that fill each and every one. So many evoke countless, precious memories, but  the German chocolate cake featured above is especially near and dear to my heart. Growing up, it was the cornerstone at the dessert table at all of  my family gatherings. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and it was hands-down, the most requested cake for birthdays.

For my dessert first eating family, this cake wasn’t the final course; it was the main event. Good luck wrangling a piece if you showed up late, or even on time for that matter. Not much has changed; this cake, filled with so many delicious memories, still sits prominently on our dessert table, and if you blink, it’s gone!

Now, I am so excited to share the magic of this family favorite dessert with my customers. My sincerest hope is that your memories are as sweet as mine.